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Empirical Safety Training Script

Did you know more than 2 million Americans have become victims of violence in the workplace each year?

Did you also know nearly 75% of all workplace assaults happen in health care?

Well, if you didn’t, now you do!

Workplace violence is on the rise & can strike anywhere, and at any time…

… And, we are all susceptible to it.

But how can we ensure our own safety, you ask?

Introducing! Empirical Safety Training…

… A Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training against workplace violence, bullying, and harassment.

Zack Thomas – The Chief Trainer, and his amazing team,continues to help Health Care & Mental Health Facilities, Corporations, Churches, Schools, and more, by using Risk Based Solutions to address identified risks and to ensure security precautions.

The earlier you become skilled in violence prevention, the better equipped you are!

Now, let’s help you keep workplace staff and patients safe.

Visit for enquirers or dial 1-833-U-BE-SAFE/1(833-823-7233) to speak to us today.

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Awesome Works

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