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Empirical Safety Training

Gone are the days when it was OK for workers to walk in to ANY healthcare facility in the USA without their Assistive behavior Training AB 508.
Nurses are in a violent profession next to police officers, hence, the Senate Bill 1299, making it mandatory that ALL healthcare workers must be compliant . That includes doctors, nurses , and even cleaners.
So what are your options? …
… One: Get trained by Well meaning Ex- Servicemen and pay for a ransom fee , usually about $150
you could get a square deal from Zack , who is  a registered nurse at a comfortable price at
Empirical Safety Training

… A black-owned Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training outfit that utilizes Risk Based Solutions to address identified risks of violence, bullying, and harassment.
Zack delivers
– qualitative training in Compliance with Assembly Bill 508 and Senate Bill 1299 mandatory
– Remote zoom training sessions to curb the spread of Covid-19.
– trains trainers for a 3 year certification and you get your CEU hours for your License renewals .

I bet you can now see how much VALUE Zack delivers!
To make this service cheaper, convenient and more accessible for upcoming Student Nurses,  He set up the Rose & Zack foundation and is soliciting support from well meaning Citizens to support our student Heroes Nurses on the front lines.
Visit the Rose and Zack foundation Facebook page to get involved. today!


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Awesome Works

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